June 11, 4-6 pm 

EXILE BOOKS and EXILE Founder Amanda Keeley at Art and Culture Center / Hollywood

EXILE BOOKS and EXILE Founder Amanda Keeley are proud to participate in Art and Culture Center Hollywood's Exhibit - Book Bound


Art and Culture Center / Hollywood
Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 4 - 6 pm
1650 Harrison St.
Hollywood, FL 33020

BookBound: The Art of Books and Printmaking examines the book as a sculptural art object and the many forms of art expression found in printed matter. Recognizing the uniqueness of books through their drawings and design, this exhibition seeks to address the accessibility of publications, the “specialness” of a rare art book, the myriad ways that illustration interprets words, and the history of education through visual imagery.

Looking first to illuminated manuscripts, art forms in books create ways of learning through visual symbolism and storytelling for instruction to the masses. Through time, books are tied closely with artists as covers and illustrations are created to further the information they hold. The development of printing presses offers the rare ability to mass-produce and widely disseminate art. Art becomes less about the value and more about content, becoming democratic in form and accessible to all.

The exhibition is curated by the Center’s Curator of Exhibitions Meaghan Kent. Kent will partner with several South Florida artists, workshops, and organizations to fill the space with unique artist’s books and covers, antique printing presses, as well as creating a special resource section of the Center’s library with local Florida artists. The galleries will become an active and engaging space where visitors will have opportunities to read through publications, make their own artist books and zines, and learn about the various processes of printmaking.

Participating Artists:
Charles Jackson Adkins Jr., Kevin Arrow, Randy Burman, Margarita Cano, Pablo Cano, Rosemarie Chiarlone, Lou Anne Colodny, william cordova, Isabel Fernández Echavarría, Marina Font, Yves Gabriel, Jose Luis Garcia, Kathleen Hudspeth, Jeanne Jaffe, Carol Jazzar, Edny Jean Joseph, Linda Johnson, Karla Kantorovich, Amanda Keeley, Tina LaPorta, Mary Larsen, Jordan Massengale, Marcela Marcuzzi, Russell Maycumber, Artem Mirolevich, Beatriz Monteavero, Lesley Patterson-Marx, Gavin Perry, Harold Rifas, Karen Rifas, Catalina Rojas, Leah Sandler, Claire Jeanine Satin, Richard Sauer, Ingrid Schindall, Anita Sharma, Paul Shortt, Kelly Speakman, Kristen Thiele, Carol Todaro, Jacob Wan, Michelle Weinberg, and Tom Virgin

Participating Organizations:
AIM Biennial, Ciconia Art Collection (Jennifer Basile, Carola Bravo, Maritza Caneca, Karla Caprali, Marina Font, Leslie Gabaldón, Aurora Molina, Najja Moon, Evelyn Politzer, and Nina Surel), EXILE Arts, Extra Virgin Press (Andrew Binder/Brian Reedy/Kari Snyder/Tom Virgin/Michael Hettich, Amanda Degener/Kimberly Blaeser, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr./Ed Bok Lee, Richard Stephens/Ted Kooser, Tom Virgin/Robert Hedin), IS Projects (Javier Barrera, Elysa D. Batista, Brian Butler, Jen Clay, Edau, Christian Feneck, Brook Frank, Gabriela Gamboa, Michelle A.M. Miller, Carol Prusa, Onajide Shabaka, Elizabeth Sheehan), Jaffe Center for Book Arts (Leonard Baskin, Andrew Binder, Rosemarie Charlione, Ge’ez Bible, Ed Ruscha, Purvis Young), Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, NAME Publications (Jacin Giordano, Carl Pope, Carolos Sandoval de Leon), Oolite Arts, Turn-Based Press (Kathleen Hudspeth, Thom Wheeler Castillo), and WAAM Women Artists Archive Miami (Cara Despain, Aditi Singh, Lynne Golub Gelfman, Kerry Phillips, Karen Rifas, Yanira Collado)